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Teaspoon Communications is a food-first, nutrition communications group with a base of strong science. We are registered dietitians who specialize in nutrition messaging with a culinary focus. We are stirring up our talents, skills and experiences to provide customized services for our clients.

We can keep you on America’s plate.

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What’s New @ Teaspoon of Spice:

Fresh Coconut Pina Colada |

The classic Pina Colada made sweeter with fresh coconut and fresh pineapple. ~ by Serena Ball, MS, RD This drink recipe begins with a cake recipe. The. Best. Cake. I’ve. Ever. Made…. This one: Fresh Coconut Cake from Cooking Light. I made it a couple years ago with my sister in Montana – and the magazine […]

Cherry Caprese Panzanella Salad |

PICNIC WEEK on Teaspoon of Spice continues! (Check out Serena’s post on Packing the Perfect Picnic, her Pickled Radishes and her even easier 1-Step Pickle Recipe from earlier in the week.) Today, I’m talking beach eats beyond the squished PB&Js in the recycled sandwich bag (at least that’s how it was done when I was growing […]