How to Cut Spaghetti Squash Easily

lasagna with spaghetti squash -

Just 5 innocent words from a recipe proved to be not so innocent:

“Cut the squash in half.”

Let’s just say I was having a heck of a time just getting the very tip of my SHARP knife into the armor-like skin of my spaghetti squash.

how to cut spaghetti squash

Yikes, how was I going to actually slice all the way through TWO spaghetti squashes for this delicious looking recipe for Lasagna-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash via TheKitchn?

It’s been a long time since I’ve sliced open a squash… since last squash season…and even then, I usually just threw the whole squash in the oven and bake it up whole, like this Whole Pumpkin Gratin. When it emerges from the oven, it’s a breeze to slice through the tender flesh – even with a butter knife.

But with this recipe, I needed two firm squash half ‘bowls’ and my basic knife skills were not cutting it. Then I remembered this Healthy Aperture video by Regan Jones, RD, on “How to Easily Cut, Peel and Cube a Butternut Squash.

Would a similar method work for spaghetti squash? Yup.

Here’s the easy method for how to cut spaghetti squash:

    1. Using a sharp knife, score – or poke – a few small slits in the squash skin; it’s helpful if you score in a dotted line along how you plan to slice the squash in half.

    How to easily cut spaghetti squash

      1. Microwave squash 5-6 minutes; cool slightly.
      2. Place squash on cutting board with flattest part down – usually an end. Slice along your ‘dotted line’ of slices.

      spaghetti squash lasagna

        1. Since the squash will be hot, use a rubber glove to hold the squash half, and scrape out the seeds before roasting.

        Cut Spaghetti Squash easily

        1. Roast in oven for the sweetest squash flavor and the softest noodle texture (or continue to microwave until soft.)

        I made this DIVINE recipe for Lasagna-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash recipe with the following adaptations:

        • I omitted the salt – as the ricotta and canned crushed tomatoes were plenty salty for my taste.
        • Used basil instead of parsley

        And make sure you DON’T TOSS those spaghetti squash seeds. I roasted them up using my favorite no-rinse, no-dry method found here:

        How to Cook Pumpkin Seeds in 15 Minutes

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        Or you might like Deanna’s favorite way of roasting them:

        Sugar & Spice Butternut Squash Seeds

        how to roast spaghetti squash seeds

        And here are more ideas on how to jazz up that spaghetti squash:

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        Are you cooking up whole squash or pumpkin this season? Any tips to share or favorite recipes you are making?