Homemade Italian Wedding Soup with Kale

Parmesan rind soup

A truly soul-satisfying soup: Meatballs, noodles, a bit of green, & Parmesan cheese broth. Better than any can.~ by Serena Ball, MS, RD If it would have been a normal dinnertime – and my kids had asked these question, I would have beamed and answered, “Yes!” “Mom, did you put these yummy carrots in this soup?” “These […]

Penne with Almond Pesto & Eggplant – The Secret Recipe Club

Penne with Almond Pesto & Eggplant | Teaspoonofspice.com

Another month gone by and another Secret Recipe Club reveal day for Group C! I always get excited when I get the email telling me whose blog I’ll be assigned to and then usually it’s followed by a good hour of falling down the rabbit hole, clicking on recipe after recipe I want to make. […]

Triple Green Pasta

Triple Green Pasta | Teaspoonofspice.com

There’s no doubt that if March was a color, it would be green. These days, we all could benefit by eating more greens so here’s my trifecta green dish that is easy to whip up and versatile enough to feature any green you’d like. I easily make pasta 2 -3 times a week, it’s the […]